The mSchools Programme is an expanding initiative.

mSchools Partner Programme offers to companies in the mobile industry an opportunity to become actively involved in one of the largest on-going mEducation projects worldwide supported by local governments, educational entities and international institutions.

As a member in the mSchools Partner Programme you will have the opportunity to positively impact students, parents, teachers and schools, helping them enhance learning outcomes and embrace mobile technologies as an opportunity for change. Your support will improve the quality of education for millions of students.

As a global initiative the mSchools Partner Programme offers multiple areas of involvement. We are open to creative and effective ways of improving our outcomes such as:

  • Contributing time and expertise to our volunteer pool of mSchools Experts who are mentoring students.
  • Directly funding one or more of the initiatives in the mSchools Programme.
  • Loans or donations of materials and goods for their use in education in classrooms and schools.
  • Innovative ideas that can result in additional initiatives to be incorporated into the mSchoools Programme.

From individual contributors to large corporations, the mSchools Partner Programme is the perfect opportunity to leverage mobile technology to shape the future of education.

mSchools Partners will benefit from the association with the highly visible mSchools Programme, significant press coverage and huge potential for growth.

Key areas:

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Improve the education of children in mobile technologies
  • Help to reduce the impact of the digital divide in education and promote equal opportunities
  • Ensure accessibility of mobile technology across the educational system


  • Increase brand awareness and footprint by participating in local communities
  • Increase the brand value by association with positive initiatives
  • Gain local and international exposure through media and specialised events


  • Acces to mSchools research initiatives, reports and data collections
  • Direct insights to the needs and requirements of the educational community
  • Preferential participation in mSchools Lab and mSchools Toolbox

Business and Product Development

  • Opportunity to release new products and services in controlled environments
  • Build relationships with the educational system for product endorsement and validation
  • Detection of new market needs and opportunities


For more information

If you would like to become actively involved in one of the largest on-going mEducation projects or simply want to know more about the mSchools Partner Programme, contact us.