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mSchools Changing Education Together: Exploring Digital Citizenship and the Future of Work.  

mSchools Changing Education Together (CET) is a seminar where representatives from the education community and the mobile industry convene to explore and debate the role of technology in education, digital citizenship and the future of work. 

As technology and globalization transform society and work, education systems need to stay connected to the real demands derived from a rapidly changing world. In this context, schools have a critical role to play in preparing students to be active and responsible citizens in an increasingly digital society, while also teaching skills that will be imperative in the changing world of work.

What should be our role as policy-makers, educators, and mobile industry representatives to ensure that students are able to lead safe and responsible creative digital lives? How do we best equip students to be resilient in the changing job market? What types of technologies and education policies make sense and in which contexts? These are some of the questions that are debated at this seminar. 


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