mSchools is a multi-faceted mobile education programme

Learning with Mobile

Mobile History Map

  • A geo-positioning app that allows students to collaboratively create content on points of interest close to their schools.
  • Advocates the use of mobile technology applied to non-technical subjects.

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Mobile Learning Awards

  • Awards that acknowledge innovative teachers and school-led projects.
  • They recognize and encourage the use of mobile technology in the classroom.

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Changing Education Together

  • One-day seminar for school administrators and policy makers.
  • Attendees participate in open discussions of mobile in education.

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Digital Skills & Entrepreneurial Spirit

App Education

  • A computer science course offered in Catalan High Schools (3rd and 4th year of Secondary School, High School and Professional Training) based on app design and prototype development.
  • Aimed at stimulating entrepreneurial spirit amongst students and with the support of industry experts as mentors.

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Student Awards

  • A celebration that acknowledges and awards students for their accomplishments in the mSchools programme.
  • Focused on stimulating students’ digital skills and creativity through app development and content creation.

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Scratch Challenge

  • Modular course that uses the free programming language Scratch, addressed to Higher Primary and Secondary Education.
  • It aims to promote digital skills and develop creative thinking among the youngest.

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  • An immersive workshop experience in app design and development.
  • mSchools TechCamp students are able to put their creative power to work conceiving and building apps while learning more about the business of software development and marketing strategies.

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Build an open Enviroment for mEducation


  • An online repository of validated and tested mobile education content for schools, teachers and parents.
  • Designed to increase the availability and usage of educational mobile content.

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  • A large scale co-creative process for school teachers that connects and allows the educational community to develop innovative classroom experiences for all levels and subjects.
  • It prepares students for a future that requires digital, problem solving and communication skills.

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  • Download free and easy to use didactic modules that bring mobile technology closer to the STEAM curriculum.
  • It promotes scientific-technical vocations among Primary and Secondary School students through transforming your cellphone into a pocket lab.
  • Multidisciplinary, project-based and challenge-based learning that fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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*Under Development