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mSchools participated in the second edition of YoMo Barcelona, the youth festival where science and technology meet mobile.

Afternoons at YoMo were open to teachers who wanted to experience YoMo and learn about how they can use technology to make a positive change in their classroom. This afternoon track, that took place on 27 and 28 February in La Farga de L’Hospitalet, had multiple simultaneous workshops and events where teachers could hear, see and experiment innovative classroom proposals and methodologies.

Afternoon mSchools workshops 


mSchools Toolbox Marathon

In this 3 hours, non-stop session our Toolbox expert teachers went through all the amazing content and apps that you can discover on mSchools Toolbox. It was great to see all that is out there that can be applied to education. 

Georeferencing projects in my classroom with Mobile History Map

Teachers learnt how to use technology to get into project-based learning by creating their own geo-referencing projects for any subject matter. Attendees also learnt how to participate in this year’s Mobile History Map challenge with thousands of other schools.

Science with Mobile @ school with mSTEAM

Atendees discovered how easy it is to do mobile science at school and helped solve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. With simple, inexpensive tools, mobile devices and your help, kids at school can become scientists and explore the mysterious boundaries of our world.

Coding for kids: Scratch Challenge

Need help to start your Primary and Secondary School students on coding? This workshop showed teachers how they can use flexible teaching modules to incorporate coding into their curriculum and participated in a fun hackathon!

Entrepreneurship and coding: App Education

The App Education course has taken Catalan schools by storm and is helping thousands of kids to learn how to set up their own company and develop a mobile app. It was never easier to transform your technology class into a dynamic and exciting environment for technology and inquisitive minds!

Check mSchools@YoMo 2018 photo gallery here!

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