Explore mSchools at YoMo!

mSchools participated in the third edition of YoMo Barcelona, a festival addressed to young students where science meets technology, that took place from 26 February to 1 March in La Farga de l’Hospitalet.

mSchools workshops for students

mSchools organised a hands-on workshop based on mSTEAM, an mSchools initiative where students do scientific experiments using their mobile phone as a scientific tool. Attendees were able to observe the spectra that compose light, identify plant species and measure the environmental conditions that they need to grow.

mSchools workshops for teachers

Afternoons at YoMo were open to teachers who wanted to experience YoMo and learn about how they can use technology to make a positive change in their classroom.

This afternoon track had multiple simultaneous workshops and events where teachers were able to hear, see and experiment innovative classroom proposals and methodologies such as Mobile History Map, an initiative that allows teachers to incorporate project-based learning into any subject, creating their own content, or Scratch Challenge, a proposal that allows teachers how to use flexible teaching units to incorporate programming into their curricula.


You can see the full gallery of mSchools images at YoMo 2019 here.

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