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The mSchools Student Awards contest and ceremony acknowledge and celebrate students and teachers for their accomplishments during the mSchools programme.

The credibility of the mSchools Student Awards has been built on an extensive panel of experts and professionals in education and mobile technologies. The awards take into account creativity, coherence and technical development.

In its 4th edition the contest was divided into the following categories:

App Education is a computer science elective course offered in Catalan High Schools (3rd and 4th year of Secondary School, High School and Professional Training), based on app design and prototype development, aimed at stimulating entrepreneurial spirit amongst students and supported by the mentoring of mSchools Industry Experts.

2017 Award Winners:

  • Sustainable Communities

1st place ESO: Col·legi Salesià Sant Antoni de Pàdua (Mataró), BeYourMind
1st place BTX/CF: Institut Roseta Mauri (Reus), Robots socials

  • Inclusion, Equality and Accessible Education

1st place ESO: Institut d’Altafulla (Altafulla), Ka’ike
1st place BTX/CF: Institut Roseta Mauri (Reus), Learn&Share

  • Connected Industry and Services

1st place ESO: Col·legi Salesià Sant Antoni de Pàdua (Mataró), Parkit
1st place BTX/CF: Institut La Mar de la Frau (Cambrils), sMirror

  • Artistic and Cultural Creation

1st place ESO: Institut Ernest Lluch (Barcelona), LUO Sharing
1st place BTX/CF: Institut Castellet (Sant Vicenç de Castellet), I’m in!

  • Pitch Special Mention

1st place: Col·legi Sagrada Família (Santa Perpètua de Mogoda), Just Feelings
2nd place: Col·legi Salesià Sant Antoni de Pàdua (Mataró), Byow
3rd place: Institut Salvador Espriu (Barcelona), Geofilms (Remake S.A.)

  • Public Vote

Escola Vedruna Ripoll (Ripoll), Avicare

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Mobile History Map is a geopositioning app that allows students to collaboratively create content on points of interest close to their schools.

Contributions to compete in the 4th edition will be framed within the following subcategories:

  • “El Lloc dels Fets” (The Scene of the Facts) is based on historical facts linked to different locations across Catalonia.
  • “Elements patrimonials emblemàtics”, based on geo-positioning the emblematic heritage of Catalonia and “La Catalunya del segle XX – Records i vivències d’un temps passat” (Catalonia in the 20th century – Memories and experiences from the past).

2017 Award Winners:

  • El Lloc dels Fets (The Scene of Facts)

Primary School
1st place: Escola Nostra Llar (Sabadell), Xemeneies. Vides emprenedores. Als telers del vapor
2nd place: Escola Vedruna Ripoll (Ripoll), Sant Pere de Ripoll
3rd place: Escola Nostra Llar (Sabadell), Xemeneies. Vides emprenedores. Al despatx del vapor

Secondary School
1st place: Institut Guindàvols (Lleida), El Convent del Roser
2nd place: Institut Roseta Mauri (Reus), Amfiteatre de Tarragona
3rd place: Escola Vedruna Ripoll (Ripoll), La Farga Casanova. El boig de la Hispano

  • Catalunya del segle XX (Catalonia in the 20th century)

Escola Marià Fortuny (Reus), El Carrilet

  • Elements patrimonials emblemàtics

Institut La Valira (La Seu d’Urgell), Sant Serni de Tavèrnoles

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  • Scratch Challenge

With the aim of fostering digital skills and of developing creative thinking among the youngest, mSchools launches the Scratch Challenge, new this year.

Scratch is a programming language that allows students to create interactive stories, simulations, games and animations, promoting creative collaborative thinking and sharing online.

The contest is based on “Travel”, real or imaginary.

2017 Award Winners:

Col·legi Asunción de Ntra. Sra. (Barcelona), El millor viatge
Escoles Minguella (Badalona), La volta al món
Escola Antoni Balmanya (Barcelona), Un viatge arreu del món
Escola El Cim (Teià), Viatge interplanetari

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