Schools participating in the Lab pilot trials

The mSchools Lab is a meeting place to encourage collaboration between the education industry and schools, with the objective of defining and creating mLearning solutions. It allows schools to act as live pilot environments where the industry can co-create and improve solutions, providing a platform for schools to share their needs and inspire mobile technology suppliers.

The Lab’s main goals are:

  • Support schools and educators in finding solutions that respond to their needs and demands in the field of mobile technologies.
  • Facilitate innovative trials and accelerate the adoption of cutting edge technology for education.
  • Support the industry in testing and validating the need for mobile solutions in the real-world context of schools.
  • Become a powerful instrument to speed up the process from idea to market launch as well as to investigate and create new business opportunities

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mSchools Edu_Hack:

This large scale co-creation workshop for teachers and industry experts collaboratively identifies and develops innovative classroom experiences for all educational levels and subjects by applying our exclusive mSchools co-creation methodology.

More information here.

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