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The Mobile4Schools initiative promotes the responsible use of mobile technologies in education supporting teachers, parents and schools on the best practice and responsible use of mobile technology.

Family Training Workshops:

Mobile4schools runs Family Training workshops highlighting the impact of mobile technology in their environment. Family workshops are designed to inform on the tools, opportunities and risks of mobile technology to create safe environments.

Changing Education Together @ Mobile World Congress:

This one day seminar provided opportunities for headmasters and school administrators, policy makers, visionaries and thinkers to expand their knowledge base and discuss the role of mobile in education.

The mSchools 2015 Changing Education Together seminar is available for the educational community in English and Catalan.

Ferran Ruiz, President of the Catalan School Council, presented for the first time at MWC15 Changing Education Together seminar the new guidelines for mobile devices in education. See this document in English.

See videos of 2016 Changing Education Together presentations in English and Catalan.

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