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Teacher Workshop: Business Model Canvas and Pitching

This half day, hands on workshop, is for all teachers interested in learning how to use the Business Model Canvas to describe, design and document existing business models and add clarity to your Pitch.  Recommended for the mSchools App Education teachers community.

Webinar: What are grooming, cyberbulling, sexting…? How to handle my children’s privacy.

What do we talk about when we mention words such as cyberbullying, grooming or sexting? Can my children be affected by these issues? If so, would I realise that is happening?

Webinar: Is my son/daughter addicted to his/her mobile phone? How to handle a responsible use of mobile devices.

What is a mobile phone addiction and when does it happen in children? Is it a good idea to take away their mobile phone from my kids? What about if he/she gets angry?

Webinar: When to give my children their first mobile device and the use of parental control tools

How and when should parents give a mobile device to their children for the first time? Is he/she too youong? If he/she has no mobile phone, will he/she be excluded from their group of friends? Can I use parental control tools on his/her phone or would this violate his/her privacy?

Webinar: WhatsApp and mobile messaging in the school and at home. How to avoid misuse.

WhatsApp is a mobile phone app used across the globe, including our children. How is it being used? Can it harm our children?

Edu_Hack: Teachers Co-Creating

mSchools Edu_Hack, organized by Mobile World Capital Barcelona, is a large scale co-creative process for school teachers that aims to identify and collaboratively develop innovative classroom experiences for all educational levels and subjects.